Bmibaby passenger luggage issues

I know this news is a week old, but I am still angry after watching the BBC Watchdog investigation which reported on Bmibaby, who knowingly, placed luggage gauges, smaller than their own luggage restrictions, so passengers were forced to pay £30 for their luggage to be checked-in.


Bmibaby passenger luggage issues

Investigation needs to happen

The airline now says that all of these smaller gauges have been removed from the airports. Has the Civil Aviation Authority (or Office of Fair Trading?) started an investigation, I bet not. Bmibaby have said that you can request a refund, but only if you have proof, but is this enough.

Lack of trust with the airline

Can we trust this or any other low cost airline when it comes to them following their own luggage restrictions? Should we now take a tape measure with us to make sure the cage actually is the right size! I jest, but it is ridiculous that an airline is playing these types of tricks on its customers.

I would like to have seen an interview from the CEO from Bmibaby, but they did not up much of a fight to clear their name. I am sure that I will not be the only consumer out there that would not fly with this airline because of a lack of trust.

Update: Letter from MD re:BBC Watchdog – I am surprised that the CEO did not get the opportunity to give their views, because you read the letter, and the other side of the story is so different. Thank you to Bmibaby for making me aware of this letter.

Your views and opinions on this consumer issue

Have you had the same issue with Bmibaby, or, would you trust an airline after this? Have you travelled with other airlines where you have suspected foul play? Should they be fined or the case investigated. As usual I would be interested to read your views.

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