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Britain is suffering from a lack of innovation in travel

The other night I was having a chat with Kevin May, editor of Tnooz and I asked him about innovation in travel, or the lack of it in Britain. As I wrote a while back there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of innovation in travel when you compare it with other industries.

Flag_great_britain hd wallpapers
Flag_great_britain hd wallpapers

Britain is suffering from a lack of innovation in travel

Clones aren’t innovative

A lot of the startups I’ve seen appear in the last six to twelve months have really been clones of other hotel, flight search sites, with a few additional features added in to make them appear innovative. There’s nothing that I have come across that has made me think wow, this is going to make my holiday booking or travel experience so much better.

Boring travel apps

I think even when you look at the travel apps out there for the iPhone or Android nothing really stands out from the travel industry – just more clones, of things already being done, nothing really setting the world on fire – but back to my question.

Britain lagging behind in innovation

When you compare Britain, with other countries, we seem to be seriously lagging behind, I mean, what is the last startup that has come out of Britain that has made consumers stand to attention. Other than the Travel Rants blog – I joke.

With the Conservative government there’s all this talk about finding entrepreneurs and start up businesses that are going to put the great back into Great Britain, but, I cannot see that really happening.

Maybe all of the money is in other industries, or the developers are heading over the pond to Silicon Valley where the venture capitalists are throwing money around like confetti.

I’m interested to read your comments.

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