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Going to Bhutan

Bhutan is country located amid the Himalayan mountain ranges; many know it well as land of peaceful thunder dragon or ‘Last Shangri-La’ or ‘Last Place on the Roof of the World’. Bhutan has a unique culture and god gifted scenic beauty. This country joined democratic rulers recently in 2008, making it the youngest democratic republic.

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Beautiful land of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Republic is located in Central Asia with breathtaking scenery and ultimate holiday destination. The highest peaks that get snow capped in an instant, with lush green valleys and best scenery of the world it is all here. Travel Kyrgyzstan to see the miraculous landscapes hidden in glaciers and forests surrounded by beauty of nature.

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Travel Armenia

Full of serene and untouched beauty, travel Armenia and experience the lush forests, rocky highlands and the exotic turquoise Sevan Lake. Armenia is a historic country with famous monasteries and other remote regions to explore and enjoy. The country is renowned across the world for Yerevan’s artistic scenes and the beautiful Mediterranean natural beauty. Yerevan is the largest city and also the capital of the country.

Victoria Dam Sri Lanka

Breathtaking Sri Lankan holidays

A small island in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean forms Sri Lankan nation. Ruled by the Dutch, Portuguese, Indians and British; this land exhibits a fusion of all these colonial cultures along with its own charm. Travel Sri Lanka for its ancient monuments, colonial architecture and friendly locals.

Lioho Night Market in Taiwan

Vacationing in Taiwan

Asian nation of Taiwan is a great place worth visiting. It has many sites and tourist attractions to explore. Taiwan basically is positioned to 160km off the southeast coast of Chinese mainland. Travel Taiwan and experience the most advanced and a beautiful land on the earth. Taiwan undoubtedly has the top-class sightseeing destinations, accommodations, dining facilities and outdoor activities.

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Traveling Israel

Israel has always been a standout destination for millions of travelers touring the country. Right from the era of the prophets to the modern day nomad, this tiny piece of land situated on the eastern Mediterranean has long attracted tourists from all around the world. Travel Israel, and visit all the adventure destinations of the country.

Somapura Mahavihara Bangladesh

Explore Bangladesh

Bangladesh is unique country of Asia offering something very unique experiences to all visitors. Travel Bangladesh, a land with colorful beauty of flora and fauna, crystal clear lakes, tropical rain forest, fine-looking cascades of green tea gardens and ever green mountains. The culture, traditions, affable people and milieu is something truly appreciable.

SplendidChina TempleOfHeaven

China and its major attractions

China as of today is something, like it was never before. Travel China for its varied terrain, rich history and pristine location. Your visit to china would lead you to many places that are very famous for ancient architectural monuments, unchanged traditions and contemporary technologies. China is undoubtedly a great country with lush forests and many places to explore.