Tour to Fiji

A truly interesting tourist destination, travel Fiji and experience luxury at its best with the mystic beauty of the country. Fiji offers you everything to allow you to enjoy your vacations with your loved ones. Enjoy classy resorts and hotels, great and delicious food, best accommodations and sparkling nightlife.

Sydney harbor Australia

Travel Australia

A land of contrasts, travel Australia to enjoy the best climatic, topographical, meteorological and cultural variations. Invaded by Aborigines nearly 40,000 years ago, Australia was the country owned by hunters who lived their life as gatherers with very less knowledge about the agricultural techniques. Today, it gives you a taste of its origin with its wide spread wild life and the other exotic attractions.


Hobart is the capital city of Australia’s southernmost state of Tasmania. It is also Tasmania’s most populous city and Australia’s second oldest city. Hobart has a small town charm but it also possesses the ingredients that make up a thriving city. This means that you can enjoy casinos, theaters, restaurants, and the works while still enjoying a laid back atmosphere and just joke around with the locals. It is home to over 200 thousand people.


Sydney is the capital city of the south eastern Australian state of New South Wales. The city has a population of 4 million people, and covers almost 700 square miles. Many travelers may think Sydney is the capital of Australia but its not, the capital of Australia of Canberra.


Melbourne is the capital and largest city of the southeastern state of Victoria. It is also the second largest city in Australia. It has a population of approximately 3.9 million people, who are multicultural and sports-mad as well. The city is located at the head of the Port Philip Bay. Melbourne is often regarded as the cultural capital of Australia.


Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia and is the fifth largest city in the country. It is a coastal city situated on the eastern shores of Gulf St. Vincent. Its population is over 1 million people. This lively city was founded in 1836 and is now the government and commercial center of South Australia.


Cairns is a popular tourist city in the province Far North Queensland in Australia. For many tourists is the best place to start their travel around Queensland. The city is located on the east coast on a coastal strip and it is surrounded by rain forest. It is a major port for the export of goods. There are two rivers flow thing through the city’s boundary, the Mulgrave River and the Barron River. Cairns has a population of approximately 130 thousand people.


Most travelers don’t know this fact unless they’ve been there, Canberra is the capital city of Australia located in the Australian Capital Territory being surrounded by the state of New South Wales and southwest of Australia’s largest city Sydney. It’s the largest inland city and the eight largest Australian city overall. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 345 thousand people.


Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania after its state capital Hobart. It’s situated at the juncture of the North Esk, South Esk and Tamar rivers. The city was settled by Europe in 1806, and is nowadays one of the oldest cities in Australia, and home to the largest selection of 19th century buildings. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 110 thousand people.

Go escape to New Zealand

The unique country of New Zealand is famed not only for splendid scenery, but for everything from people to the cities. Beautiful coastline, hot volcanoes based pools, rainbow adorned rivers and pretty glaciers make this land a breathtaking landscape. Travel New Zealand for its cosmopolitan cities, vibrant Maori culture and affable people. Lively festivals, miraculous experience of nature and superb food make this place special.