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Tour the Belize for a holiday

The land of Belize is situated in the beautiful Caribbean coast between Antigua Guatemala and Mexico City. Travel Belize for sightseeing places and many outdoor attractions as well. These famous destinations are regularly visited by many tourists each year. The beauty of Belize is much more as compared to its small tropical islands, Caribbean Sea, palm trees and many more.

This country offers all pure and perfect destinations along with the best infrastructure, making travel easy around Belize. It is a small country, but that doesn’t affect its travel destinations. There are incredible varieties of tourist spots including white sand beaches, rich culture, dense rainy forests and amazing wildlife.

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Go Visit Panama

Latin American country of Panama is gaining importance as a tourist destination. Travel Panama for a rich adventurous experience during your holiday. Panama City is the capital of this land. It has modern and lively cosmopolitan environment with chic restaurants, bars and thriving shops.

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Rejuvenate in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has everything from forests to beaches, lakes and active volcanoes for you to explore, as you travel Nicaragua. A tropical country of Central America, Nicaragua is the largest republic offering you a calm getaway with many engaging activities.

Hike the volcanic mountains of Comcepcion and get a bird’s eye view of the atolls bordering this nation across azure Pacific Ocean from Granada. Go trekking into the evergreen forests while you experience ecotourism. Horse riding can be a fun opportunity to take you through the mountainous forests. Lago de Managua is the capital with Volcan Momotombo and the famous outline of Sandino also the Loma de Tiscapa.

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Holidaying in Guatemala

Guatemala is the small nation, located in the Central American region. Travel Guatemala for its tropical climate, cultural traditions and varied terrain with rich wildlife. Well known for its Mayan civilization and relics of their architectural marvels, this country is a must visit site for every history and nature lover.

Numerous ethnic groups and different dialects of the friendly people exhibit diversity of this nation. Guatemala City is the capital of this nation. It has places like Parque Central, a majestic Basilica and National Palace to visit.

El Malecon Puerto Cortes Honduras

Happy in Honduras

Honduras is Caribbean lowland with tropical beaches and fascinating pirate history. It is home to the prime biological preserve and wonderful reef diving experience as you travel Honduras. Architectural Park of Copan Ruinas with historical Myan city acts as tribute to the Mayan Indians. Friendly people of this nation have mixed ancestry from European background and indigenous locations.

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Mexican travelogue

Mexico is a North American country, which introduces you to breathtaking landscapes and lively people for a wonderful travel experience. Travel Mexico to see the historically rich country with ancient ruins and mixed cultures resting in this vibrant land.

The capital, Mexico City has a rich cultural past of the Aztec ruins, San Diego Cathedral and ancient buildings. Guadalajara, Monterrey and colonial buildings of this capital enchant you. Cathedral Metropolitana is biggest church in the world and adorns the centre of Mexican city. Mexico is home to the ancient Maya palace that is surrounded by jungle and parrots, howler monkeys and wildlife.

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Beautiful land of El Salvador

El Salvador, the smallest country in the whole of Central America is worth exploring. The tourists are often amazed by the country’s stunning volcanic landscape, friendliness and hospitability of the people of El Salvador. Travel El Salvador and experience this tiny land and its immense natural attractions. To name some, Cerro Verde National Park, Coatepeque, Volcanic lakes of Ilopango, etc. are all impressive beaches that attract you towards the country’s beauty. Apart from these, common destinations include Cetedral de Santa Ana, Teatra de Santa Ana and Alcaldia Municiple de Santa Ana.

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Travel Costa Rica

An exotic tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and mountains, Costa Rica is blessed by Mother Nature with the best scenic beauties in the world. Revive yourself during your vacations amidst the soft beaches and the wildlife in Costa Rica.