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travel France

World’s most popular holiday destination, France has been successful in luring millions of travelers every single year, from all across the world. An ancient country located in the West of Europe, France is famous for its rich historic background, rich culture and modern fashion.

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Travel Greece

A tourist’s paradise, Greece is home to ancient art, literature and culture combined with true natural beauty. Travel Greece and become a part of its rich history and ancient cities like Athens, Rhodes, Olympia, Santorini, Corfu, etc.


Albanian travel guide

Albania is a distinct land with its own culture; located in southeastern Europe and officially known as Republic of Albania. Vacation trip with family of just visiting to break free your monotonous life, you will have access to all pleasures as you travel Albania.

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Travel to Ireland

Ireland is the twentieth largest island and Europe’s third largest. Famously known as Emerald Isle for the rich luscious flora this land is divided into various counties. Lake, sea, mountains and sky everything in Ireland is an authentic extravaganza. Belfast, the capital is residence of more than a million people. Travel Ireland to see the Botanical Gardens, Belfast City Hall, Queen’s University, Belfast Wheel Stormont Estate, Belfast castle, Ulster museum and Anne’s church.

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Vacationing in Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked country, sharing its borders with Austria and Czech Republic. Located in central Europe, Slovakia is a part of the former republic of Czechoslovakia. It is officially referred to as Slovak republic and also covers a territory of about 49000 sq Km. Although Slovakia is a small nation it is greatly popular as a holiday destination amongst the tourists.

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Lithuania Travel Guide

Europe has many places, but vibrant Lithuania is a special treat to any traveler coming to this land. The fairy tale country with many castles, forests and lakes make you feel ecstatic into a different land. Landscaped with sand dunes, plains segmented by hills and the crystalline Baltic shores, Lithuania is an ideal travel destination.


9 Popular Attractions of Munich

The capital of Bavaria, is home to centuries-old building and numerous museums. The city also known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and cavernous beer halls, including the famed Hofbräuhaus founded in 1589. Marienplatz, is a central square containing landmarks such as Gothic Nueus Rathaus with a spectacular glockenspiel show.


Popular Attractions in the City of Milan

Milan is Italy’s second largest city, capital of Lombardy and the global capital of fashion and design. It is also home to the national stock exchange. It is a financial hub and is also renowned for its high-end dining and shopping culture. Vast resources of frescos and art testifies to its centuries of culture.

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Visit your dream destination Switzerland

A land of paradise, Switzerland is surely a dream destination to almost everyone. Travel Switzerland and experience the wonderful treasures and better quality of life. Located in central Europe, the country is known for its mystic natural beauty, mountains and richness. A small country, Switzerland has a small population of just seven million people with a stunning lingual diversity and culture. Landlocked, the hilly nation caters you with its pure essence of beauty and rich living.