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Adventure land of Niue

Largest upraise coral isle of Niue is also one of the smallest but unique independent countries of the world. The rocky coastline of these atolls will bring all the possible adventures through mystique caves and limestone gulf. Travel Niue for exploring the underwater grotto and pacific tunnels as you dive, snorkel and go fishing.

Cook Islands

Travel Cook Islands

Get smitten by the mystic beauty of the enchanting Cook Islands, a group of isles located on the Pacific Ocean near New Zealand. A famous tourist destination visited by a huge number of tourists from across the globe, Cook Islands is a sensuous collection of 15 beautiful islands, scattered across a span of 2 million sq.km of the silent Pacific Ocean.

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Tour the Kiribati

Republic of Kiribati, formed by 33 different atolls scattered in the western Pacific Ocean. This tropical isle is formed by three major islands of Gilbert, Line Islands and the Phoenix. Sunbath on the crystalline beaches with oceanic breezes and azure waters and enjoy your holidays as you travel Kiribati.