Hand Craft Market in Parque El Ejido Quito Ecuador

Travel Express to Ecuador

Travel Ecuador, the second smallest country in South America and experience incredible travel adventures. This place is on equator-latitude 0, you can visit all year round and expect wonderful climate differing from cold to hot and humid.

Spanish Bishop, Fray Tomas de Berlanga first set foot on Galapagos Islands near Pacific and name so due to the tortoises found here. The diverse varieties of species living on these islands exist due to the Amazon basins across Andes Volcanoes that are glaciated; tropical forests and scenic beaches add to nature’s perfect escapade. Exotic Orchids and unique jungle plants; animals enjoying the rainforests and Andean grasslands are every life lover’s paradise. This whole country seems like a national park, but you can choose from 20 different locations to be close to the wild life.

Embalse Ullum San Juan Argentina EagLau 2008

Travel Argentina

A traveler’s paradise has all experiences mixed in one place; travel Argentina, your destination for everything exotic. Located in the South American continent Argentina was a Spanish territory 200 years ago. Buenos Ares is the capital and hub of all international air transit to this country.