subways of north america

Subways of North America

For the pedantic rail enthusiasts, the definition of a subway used here is, with some caveats, “a network containing high capacity grade-separated passenger rail transit lines which run frequently, serve an urban core, and are underground or elevated for at least part of their downtown route.” For the rest of you, the definition is “an underground train in a city.”
About one in three subways stops in North America are in NYC


Popular Attractions in the City of Milan

Milan is Italy’s second largest city, capital of Lombardy and the global capital of fashion and design. It is also home to the national stock exchange. It is a financial hub and is also renowned for its high-end dining and shopping culture. Vast resources of frescos and art testifies to its centuries of culture.

GasBuddy IDriveSafely Road Trip Infographic 2012

The Cost of a Road Trip to the Top 10 U.S. Vacation Cities

Did you know that a road trip to the top 10 US vacation cities is more than 7,600 miles (12,231km) of driving? That’s the same distance as a flight from Alaska to Australia! Wondering if you could afford to pack up and leave on this awesome road trip? We partnered with our friends at to bring you the infographic below which breaks down the cost of a 25-day road trip including the cost of gas, food and lodging. We’ve also included some tips for saving money on your trip.