Cheap Hotels Beijing – Review of Beijing Far East Youth Hostel

Cheap Hotels Beijing Recommendation – What do I know about cheap hotels in Beijing? Being a former backpacker/ ESL part-time teacher, living on a budget is something I have to deal with everyday.

Hotels Beijing
Hotels Beijing

However, it does not mean I do not pamper myself occasionally. Even with cheap hotels beijing, there are some that are way better than the rest. Especially when you are hooked up with a girl, staying at a 6 beds-in-a–room is not exactly romantic and anyone’s idea of privacy.

And that’s how I get to learn of Beijing Far East Youth Hostel.

Beijing Far East Youth Hostel

Note: I will be more methodological with my review this time. I must admit that this review is written from my recollection of a few years back. I have added some updates like the price but most of the other stuff is probably the same.

Location – This hotel is smacked right in the middle of a busy Hutong with full of people, things to eat and buy. It is a place to people-watch and there’s always something happening. This is great for first-timer in Beijing hoping to feel the vibe of a historical yet hip Chinese city.

It is also near Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City and Tiantan Park. The Friendship Hospital is nearby that help serves the Westerners. The Wang Fu Jing shopping district is also nearby. And if you are crazy of Peking Duck, it is near the best duck place in China – Quan Ju de.

Standard of Rooms – I book a Twin Private Ensuite(me and girl ) spending about US$33. My only complaint is that the beds are hard. Not the best for you-know-what. Any consolation, the room has a fridge and a TV, but no hot water at all hours.

Beijing Far East Youth Hostel
Beijing Far East Youth Hostel

Food – The restaurant served Chinese and Russian food and it was great. Try the borsch! As for breakfasts, you can have servings of eggs, ham, cereal and muffins.

For dinner, the restaurant served reasonably-priced Chinese food with cheap beers. You can also watch DVD movies on the big screen or enjoy surfing the Net with two free Internet kiosks. At present, wi-fi is available for free in the restaurant (not when I was there).

Customer Service – In general, the staff was helpful but do not expect everyone to speak good English. However, I was quite impressed then with the girl at the reception desk (by the way is a cutie) who spoke good English.

Hostel’s Surrounding – The Hostel is nearby a bank which makes life easy when you need some traveler’s checks. Before going back home, you can also shop for last minute souvenirs at the nearby stores that are stocked with Chinese art and antiques. Bargain or bring someone who can!

Cheap Hotels Beijing Conclusion: I think if what you are looking for value–for-money and a well-run hostel, this could be your best pick. In the winter the courtyard rooms are closed (it is freezing) but the main hotel was open and warms (a big plus when the temperature is so cold outside).

NO.113, Tie Shu Jie, Xuan Wu District, Beijing 100050, P.R.C.

Tel: +86 10 6301 8811

Beijing Far East Youth Hostel1
Beijing Far East Youth Hostel1

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