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City Guide for Panama City

Be it the famous canal or the historical culture of the city, Panama City is an ideal place to visit within Central America.

Panama-City is beautiful

This multi-ethnic coastal city is rich in culture. The scenic view, restaurants, markets, brick streets, slums, everything about this city is worth seeing.

What to do in Panama City?

The city has something to offer to everyone. If you got a chance to roam around this city, don’t miss these places!

Panama Canal

Panama Canal

The famous Panama Canal has made the city what it is today. Ships sailing in the canal, visitors coming around the place, the nearby visitors center at Miraflores Locks and the museum depicting the history of the canal present a beautiful sight.

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo panama

A blend of traditional and contemporary culture, this district will leave you awestruck. If you are an art lover, then Casco Viejo is your thing.

The area has some traditional buildings with a majority of the museums of the city residing here.

The place attracts some visitors with its plenty of restaurants, theaters and best musical and opera shows.

Panama Viejo


The historic traditions of the city can be seen here in Panama Viejo. The region is said to be home to the Pirates back in fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Panama Viejo has vivid marks of the pirate culture that lure the visitors from around the world.

Bio Museo


This beautiful building is standing tall towards the end of Panama Canal facing the Pacific Ocean. Bio Museo or the museum of biodiversity has eight exhibitions inside the building.

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Where to Eat in Panama City?

The cultural hub Panama City has some really mouth watering places.

Puerta De Tierra


The best stake house in town, Puerta De Tierra is located in the old town. With the best food at your service, you can enjoy looking at the people passing by the city. Enjoy the meal with some great live music.

Barrio Pizza

Barrio pizza

The vibrant place with some yummy pizza recipes is located in the heart of the city. Barrio Pizza keeps you lively with its beautifully designed interior.

Donde Jose

Donde Jose panama

If you want to have a meal at Donde Jose, you might have to wait a while. It is one of the very few restaurants in the city where you have to be on a waiting list. The cuisine served here is a blend of traditional Panamanian with a modern culinary twist.

The restaurant has a fixed menu comprising of five main course dishes and two desserts. The presentation, flavor, and aroma make you go crazy over the food.

Where to Stay in Panama City?

El Litoral, The Balboa Inn, and Hostel Villa Vento Surf are cool accommodations within the reach of your pocket. They offer a beautiful sea view and a great cocktail bar.


American Trade Hotel, Waldorf Astoria, and Las Clementinas are among the best accommodations in the city.

Getting around the city is easy and cheap. You may either use a metro subway, local buses or taxis. They’ll take you around the city at quite a low price for a fare.

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