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Do tourist boards offer value for money?

I have no idea how much tourism boards receive in funding from the government, but I suspect it’ll be a few million pounds, and with the recent cuts announced, I think it is time that the UK tourism boards, woke up and realised that times have changed, and the money they receive needs to be better spent.


Do tourist boards offer value for money?

Too many tourism boards

How many tourism boards do you think we have in the UK? Visit England, Wales, Scotland, N.Ireland? Well, there’s also Visit South West, Visit London, Welcome to Yorkshire, just to name a few. According to this list, there’s 13 of them.

Do we REALLY need this many regional tourism boards, all spending our money, and how effective are they?

Lack of buzz on local events

Most of you will know that I split my time between Travel Rants and a project called My Life in Leeds, and I am amazed at the lack of buzz that events receive, organised by our local tourist boards, when you compare this to indie events organised receive so much more buzz on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Too much concentration on inbound tourists

There seems to be a lot of effort put into promoting Great Britain to the US, but, what about promoting our country to people who live in the UK? I am the first to admit that I would rather go abroad because of the sunshine, but this year with the ashcloud debacle I decided to spend time in the UK, and visited places like Berwick-Upon-Tweed and the Yorkshire coast.

Too much focus on London

Another thing that really annoys me is the constant obsession with London and the South by the likes of Visit England. Sure, London is our country’s capital, but there’s more to England than one city. There’s York (and of course, Leeds), the Lake District and much more.

Andy from 501 places wrote a post about this, and is worth a read.

Value for money

So readers, my question to you is, do the UK tourism boards offer value for money at a time where budgets are being slashed. The coalition government were talking up the ‘big society’ so shouldn’t more funding go to locals (yes, like me!) who want to promote their home city, organise events, and are out in the street, as such, rather than sat behind some big desk in London.

Only last week I visited London, and as I swiped my ticket through the Kings Cross underground machine, I noticed Welcome to Yorkshire advertising splattered all over the place. I have no idea how much this cost, but, I wonder if there’s better ways to promote my home county.

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