Driving Safety Tips For Travelling Australia

Driving Safety Tips are very important when travelling anywhere in Australia. It is a big country and in some areas there is a large distance between towns. Driving in and around is relatively affordable, but it is important to take regular rest breaks when you are driving. the usual recommendation is that you stop about every two hours.


Always travel with a good supply of water in case you break down on the road. This is very important in summer, or if you are in the bush or Outback. Summer temperatures can reach 40 – 45° Celsius. If you do have a break down stay with your vehicle as you will be found faster and the vehicle will provide shelter. Here are some tips as suggestions for keeping safer while you are travelling.

Water bottle
Water bottle

You should always tell people where you are going and how long you expect to be.
Drive on the left side of the road
Always wear seatbelts – both in the front and rear of cars
Do not drink and drive – the limit is 0.05
Do not pick up hitch-hikers (do not hitch-hike)
Plan your trip and prepare well.
Keep an eye on your gauges and remember to keep your petrol tank well filled and your water topped up
Do not use a mobile phone while driving
Make sure you have a spare tyre and repair and digging tools
Have a map and a GPS is worth considering especially if you are going to remote areas
In country areas take a mobile phone, in the Outback look to hire a satellite phone or personal safety radio beacon
Watch out for wildlife – wombats, kangaroos, cattle etc

map and a GPS
map and a GPS

Aussie road trips are a lot of fun, you can make your own schedule, change your plans when necessary or you want to. You get to see some amazing scenery as you drive along and some very unique things like a double decker bus in the middle of nowhere, old boots decorating a tree, some great Aussie letter boxes.

When you are preparing for your trip remember that your safety and other road users safety is very important so everyone one and have travelling Australia will have a trip they will want to remember..

Driving Safety
Driving Safety

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