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Five things that annoy me about travel companies on Twitter

Twitter has helped build my readership over the last two years, and at the time of writing there are 10,784 crazy people following me on the social networking site. I am very pleased to see travel companies communicating with consumers on Twitter, but some could do with reading this post.

International Luxury Travel Market Asia 2012
International Luxury Travel Market Asia 2012

Five things that annoy me about travel companies on Twitter

No identity behind the company

There is a travel company asking me questions and I am sat here thinking, who is this communicating with me. There’s someone sat at a computer interacting with me, that’s great, but please, add the name(s) of the people behind the company so that I feel like I am communicating with a human being.

Companies that don’t respond to questions

I will not name names (Jet2) but there are some travel companies that when you fire a question or two at them, they do not respond. Hey, I don’t mind if it takes you 4 days to reply to me, as long as I receive a reply, I am happy. If you are not replying to me, how many other potential future customers, are you ignoring?

Brands that plug continuously

Then there’s the travel companies that just plug their own holidays, hotels, flights or content, and retweet what someone has said positively about their company. You never see them promoting others, or, even interacting with people. Yes, these are the sorts that do not understand social media.

Twitter accounts run by clueless agencies

So, a consumer sends a message on Twitter that they have a complaint. What does the agency do? They give the consumer an email address to send their complaint to! I mean, what is the point? Surely, to help the customer the booking information could be requested by DM, and then passed on to the company to investigate the complaint.

Travel companies that vanish

The company has taken the time to sign up to Twitter, followed tons of people, published tweets like a crazed lunatic for two weeks, and then… they vanish. Rather than delete the account, they leave the account active, so loads of ranting consumers are going crazy that no one is responding. Surely, this is going to affect the reputation of your company over time?

I would be interested to read your thoughts on this rant.

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