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Future for daily deals websites looks grim

Initially, I liked the idea of receiving daily emails offering me deals in my home city of Leeds but last week I unsubscribed to every daily deal website simply because my inbox was full of beauty deals – nail painting, teeth whitening, I have had enough.


Future for daily deals websites looks grim

Lots of the daily deals aren’t in Leeds

I started to notice that a high percentage of the deals were not even in Leeds, yes, in neighbouring cities, but they were of no interest to me. Speaking with family and friends it seems I am not the only person who has had enough of the daily deals in my already spammed out email inbox.

Are the deals really a deal

Headlines of 75% off XYZ product looks eye catching but are all of the deals, real – a local Health shop in Leeds called Millies wrote an interesting blog post about a product that they found on a daily deals website.

Needs to be a better mix of deals

I want to see a good mixture of deals for restaurants, bars, cinema, theatre, basically, deals for things I enjoy doing in Leeds. A month or so ago I planned to take my nephew to the cinema – couldn’t find anything on the daily deal sites I subscribed to, but went on to the Odeon website, and found a 40% discount.

Find local deals when needed

Last week I went out with some friends and while in the pub I searched for discount vouchers for restaurants in the area we were in, and received a 30% discount on our meal. So, this is where I think the daily deal business model is flawed – as consumers we search for deals as and when we want them, and they are enough sites out there without having to sign up to a mailing list.

Grim future for daily deal websites

I think the next 12 months for daily deal sites will be grim – I think we will see more closing down, and I reckon Groupon are going to regret not selling to Google when they had the opportunity.

Your opinions on daily deals

Are daily deal sites going to be extinct in 12 months time – what do you think about the business model? If you are a consumer or business using this service what were your experiences?

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