Great Wall

Great Wall scouting

On this last stretch on the eastern most part of my route, the terrain is getting more mountainous. This is good news, as it means the chances of finding intact parts of the Great Wall are greater than the flat agricultural plains I have passed. The Great Wall in this area was not a massive structure like parts of the Beijing Great Wall where many horses could ride abreast on top. Instead, it was probably a slender structure perhaps with a pyramid shaped profile like that of Zhangjiakou.


Now that I am in mountain terrain, I will ask more people if they have heard talk of any remains of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall in the area. There are a couple of inches of snow on the ground, so it is near impossible for me to discover anything unless I literally stumble on top of the find.

After the long walk yesterday, I had a late start today, and I am happy with the resulting mileage.

Thanks for the talk this morning Kim, and congratulations on the rare Great Wall find in Liaoning

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