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Great Yorkshire Show Review

The Great Yorkshire Show is an annual event, held on the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate, North Yorkshire annually from the second Tuesday of July until the following Thursday. It is organised and run by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society. It is the largest agricultural show in the United Kingdom with over 150,000 visitors during the 3 day event.

The Great Yorkshire Show
The Great Yorkshire Show

International Showjumping at the Great Yorkshire Show

We set off at 8.30am hoping to get to the venue for around 9.30am, park the car and then make our way to the showground – the traffic though caused us major problems, and whilst the event is very well organised, the shear number of people visiting the show today, made our journey very slow – thankfully, there was air conditioning in the car.

The Main Ring is the main focal point of the show and features everything from international show jumping to pole climbing, marching bands to the cattle parade. My favourite event today was the JCB Dancing Diggers, and whilst I’m not a show jumping fan I enjoyed the international competition with show jumpers from around the UK.

The Dancing JCB diggers

Around the showground there’s a lot to take in. We took a good look at the hundreds of animals – from the mad pigs to Andorran goats. The sheep shearing, and fly fishing competitions were really good fun to watch as well, but I loved the food hall – they were stalls with food from around the World, and you could tuck into the food, wine and beer samples!
Calling all Travel Agents!

Your services are required – I want to get a weeks break from 14 – 21 October 2006, I am flexible with the days, providing it doesn’t move towards the school holidays which I believe, is the week after. I will be travelling by myself (yes, I know I’m billy no mates) and I am not bothered where.

The Dancing JCB diggers
The Dancing JCB diggers

Now the tricky criteria:

– Under £250 for flight and room only or B&B accommodation
– Walking distance to the beach
– Sunny weather
– Ideally no single room suppliment
– Ideally airport transport included (not fussed about plane food)
– Interesting places to visit – sights, and attractions
– Where speaking English isn’t going to be a problem
– 2 to 4 hours flight time

I want the type of holiday where I can sit on the beach, with a book and my iPod, and relax on an evening in a bar with a cold beer (or two) – basically I want to unwind. Would it be best to wait nearer the time or book something now – do you have any suggestions? Please help!

Planning trip to the Lake District

I haven’t been camping for a few years – the last time I spent 2 days on the North east coast in Scarborough, at a superb campsite. This time I am going to Ambleside in the Lake District National Park, with my younger brother Liam, and I am really looking forward to it, so much so that I thought I would share my planning experience.

North east coast in Scarborough
North east coast in Scarborough

The Lake District

I spent the weekend searching the internet for campsites that were near Ambleside and Lake Windermere, and thanks to Aaron the Aardvark who helped me sniff out the best campsites, and recommended the Great Langdale campsite, which is where we will be staying.

We are going to get the train from Leeds, to Windermere, and then find a bus or walking directions to Ambleside and the campsite – this will be my first trip to the Lake District, and from what I’ve seen it looks awesome.

The plan is to walk and walk get plenty of fresh air, have a few pub meals, and take in the scenery – whilst I love living in a city like Leeds, it’s great to get away from the city, and into the countryside.

Next I have to plan what we are going to take with us – my brother has a tent, and so do I – do we take both tents, or do we just take the one, as we are travelling by public transport we will have to take as little as possible – thank god we aren’t going with any women!

Watch this awesome video of the scenery in the Lake District from the back of a motorbike – thanks to the guys at Throttle Jockey Motorcycle Club for the excellent video! Enjoy!

Vacation Ideas for France

France is a beautiful country to visit, rich in history and culture. If you’re planning a vacation to France, there are a number of great vacation ideas to consider. Renting a castle, chateaux, or villa, where you can fully appreciate the magnificent scenery of France, is a popular vacation idea.

There are properties in every area of the country, from Alsace-Lorraine and the Loire Valley to Paris and the Alps. Aix-en-Provence, with its annual international festival of art and music, is an ideal vacation idea for the summer.

An entire castle can be rented for a week or longer for four to over 20 people, beginning from £3,000 a week, depending upon the size of your group. These historic castles in France, many located in the countryside or close to small towns and villages, come fully equipped for your vacation.

A wonderful 16th century castle in Normandy, located within 12 kilometers of the beach, features a marvelous view of the Channel Islands. Another splendid chateaux can be rented on the Cote d’Azur, within 14 kilometers of the Nice airport and 16 kilometers from the beach.

16th century castle in Normandy
16th century castle in Normandy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could afford luxury air travel – for many of us luxury would be extra leg room, or a seats that can be put back into a comfortable sleeping position. For the rich, it would mean champagne and seats that turn into beds, and of course your personal hostess.

According to the New York Daily News, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page bought a Boeing 767 at the beginning of the year for their personal use, and are in the process of having it refitted. So far they have requested a exercise gymnasium, Californian King size beds and a piano, in a project, which is budgeted at $10 million.

The Boeing 767 isn’t usually associated with a corporate jet as it can carry up to 180 people, but the Google founders want to add state rooms and luxury living quarters. News of the big-ticket purchase caused a stir given that Page and Brin, whose combined net worth is estimated to be upwards of $20 billion, had not been known for lavish lifestyles.

Historic Italy Holiday Ideas

Italy is a great destination for the perfect holiday! Italy possesses a rich history and is a country filled with historical site seeing opportunities. What’s more, there is an abundance of recreational activities in Italy, and tourists will thoroughly enjoy all of the fine dining facilities in Italy, allowing for the traveller to enjoy sumptuous Italian cuisine.

Boeing 767
Boeing 767

The main destinations that tourists flock to each year in Italy include Bari, Bologna, Capri, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Pisa, Positano, Rome, Siena, Sorrento, Turin, Venice, and Verona. Further, each tourist hotspot is filled to the brim with amazing things to see, do and enjoy.

For instance, the city of Milan houses a number of stunning Cathedrals including the Duomo, and the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Vatican of Rome are all popular tourists’ destinations in Italy. An unbelievable amount of historical artwork is housed in the country of Italy: an astounding 3/4’s of the world’s historical art can be viewed in the many cities of Italy.

Travelling with Children tips

I’m not a parent, but I can only imagine how stressful it can be when your travelling with a child – the continuous question “Are we there yet?” can drive you over the edge. As much as I think travel has become cheaper for families with the introduction of low cost airlines, there is a major disadvantage for parents, in that these airlines don’t offer on-board entertainment.

So, how do you keep your child occupied – good question. I suppose keep the activity fun, take travel card games, their favourite toy, a few books. Travelling with a child can be stressful for you and a bore for them!

If your flying to your destination then another problem is the unexpected ear popping, so always warn the child to expect it, so they are not afraid when their ears pop during take off and descent.

I found this blog entry difficult to write, because I can’t relate to travelling with a child, so if you’re a parent, please leave your suggestions, so that other parents reading this blog can learn from your own experiences.

Edit: I forgot to mention two very cool blogs that feature hints and tips about travelling with children. Visit Happy Traveller, especially the blog entry about their India experience. Another favourite of mine is Out with the Kids, which is full of useful information.

Travelling with Children tips
Travelling with Children tips

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