Malecon in havana at night

How to Spend Perfect Vacations in Havana

Are you planning to visit Havana? If so, I’m sure you need to know about some interesting places that you can visit. Here you will find about all the best attractions in Havana, Cuba.

havana best places to visit

There are a lot of museums and historical sites that worth watching if you can spare a little time.

Let’s cut the talk and start exploring the beautiful and exotic places of Havana, Cuba.

Old Havana

Old Havana is a Unesco Heritage Site, which is located at the north-eastern side of the city. People started living in this part of the city back in 16th century.

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As you visit the city, you will notice its rich history wherever you look. There are still some defensive walls around the narrow streets that were built for protection against the pirates.

old havana

There are five massive, European-style plazas, but you won’t even notice them because of Cuban Baroque facades. The most eye-catching is the Plaza de la Catedral that will take you into a whole new world.

Apart from these attractions, numerous cafés and book markets continue to attract the tourists.

The Malecón

There is a seawall that divides the Old Havana’s harbor and the Vedado district, which is a perfect walking territory that will make you feel the history of this city.

Malecon in havana at night
Malecon at night!

While walking on this path, make sure that you pass by the pastel facades and monuments of Máximo Gomez and Calixto García.

Apart from this, one shouldn’t miss the sunset on Havana bay. It’s a lifetime moment that you will remember forever.

Capitolio Nacional

The design of this structure is very much influenced by Washington’s US Capitol building and it is worth spending some time. The rising dome, classical wings, and huge stone steps will let you enjoy the moment truly.

interior of capitolio in havana
Capitolio Nacional from inside

Until the revolution of 1959, this building was actually the seat of Cuban Congress. When you go inside, you will find out a planetarium, the Academy of Sciences, and the National Library.

The classic decoration of vast halls and ceilings is just amazing; a perfect experience.

Parque Almendares and Parque Central

Havana Parque-Almendares
Exhibition of mechanics dinosaurs at Almendares Park in Playa Havana, Cuba

Parque Almendares is another world from the main city. If you want to feel the peace and fresh air, this is the place to go in Cuba. Once you go there, you will a mini golf course, few abundant plants, riverside food and a perfect outdoor theatre.

Parque Almendares is basically a place for locals to meet once they are done with their jobs and all the stuff. This place is a must if you ever visit Cuba in your life.

Ernest Hemingway Museum

Ernest Hemingway Museum Havana

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most famous writer and traveler who spent around 20 years in Cuba. Since, his connection with the Cuba was beyond just resident, his home has been opened as a museum for public.

The place where he wrote some of his most famous books now hosts more than 8000 books.

If you visit this museum, you will also see the typewriter that produced The Old Man and the Sea, and various other books. The museum is located at Finca Vigia, outside Havana.

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