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Helping you find the Perfect Holiday Destination

Most of us only get the opportunity to go on holiday once a year, so making sure that our holiday is hassle free is essential and I’ve mentioned in previous blog articles about how to find hotels, read hotel reviews etc.


Choosing the Perfect Holiday Destination

Let’s forget searching for holiday accommodation for a minute, and, look at how you are going to make the important decision of where you are going to go on holiday.

It can be quite expensive buying a few travel guides at your local book store, and time consuming reading through bulky holiday brochures, and this is why the internet has become so popular with holidaymakers, like me and you.

So what do I do when looking for a holiday.

Set your Budget

I set myself a budget before I start to look for a holiday, that way I know what’s possible within my budget. There’s no point dreaming about visiting New Zealand, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you’ll only get disappointed (believe me, I can relate to that!)

Choosing the Perfect Holiday Destination

Your Holiday Requirements

You need to ask yourself what do you want to get out of the holiday – everyone is different. Personally, I prefer to visit a new country every year, and see as much of the country as I can. You might prefer to sit on the beach and relax, or visit the local attractions.

Once you’ve written down your budget and your requirements you could visit a local high street travel agent and ask them for advice on which destination would suit your requirements. Alternatively, you can complete further research online.

Visual Travel Inspiration

What’s better than viewing photographs of different countries to inspire you. Visit the Travel Rants Photograph Gallery, and you can view over 2,500 photographs from around the World, taken by amateur and professional photographers.

Tips Choosing your Perfect Holiday Destination

A favourite of my is Virtual Tourist, where you can choose a destination, view photographs, and communicate with other holidaymakers who have visited the same destination, or are in the same position as you

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