Hiking Tours South Africa Or Biking Tours South Africa?

Hiking tours South Africa or biking tour South Africa – this could be your first reaction especially if you hadn’t heard about it before. To be honest I too fumbled at the first instance – did I hear correctly? Onus to mention, yes I did.

What is hiking tours South Africa?

It is essentially about long walk tours that anybody can undertake in South Africa for the purpose of sheer pleasure of scenic beauties there. There are about 350 trails spread all over South Africa. But going by the unofficial popularity index you can close on twelve such trails to explore a fair bit of South Africa.

Hiking Tours South Africa
Hiking Tours South Africa
    • Otter Trail: It is a stretch of 80 kilometers long that runs through the Tsitsikamma National Park and 5.5 kilometers in width towards the scenic southern Cape coast. The Otter Trail begins at Storms River Mouth and draws to end at Nature’s valley. Right at the beginning of the trail you will find The Storms River Mouth rest camp, shop and restaurant as well.
    • De Hoop Whale Trail: De Hoop Whale Trail is considered as one of the best trails of South Africa. Cape Nature Conservation has developed the Whale Hiking Trail at De Hoop Nature Reserve. The stretch is for 54 kilometers and has five overnight stops.
    • Amatola Hiking Trail: It is in Amatola range which is at scenic mountain area of South Africa that begins from Maden Dam and ends at the Tyume River.
    • Outeniqua Trail: The distance of this trail is 108 kilometers located between George and Storms rivers.
    • Tsitsikamma Trail: It’s a stretch of 60 kilometers and you will have moderate to difficult hiking here.
    • Swellendam Trail: This trail is 81 kilometers long and circular type. You will face difficulty here for sure.
    • Strandloper Trail: The Strandloper Trail spreads up to 59 kilometers and you will face moderate to difficult hiking here.
    • Harkerville Trail: The Harkerville Trail stretches 27 kilometers and hiking here is difficult.
    • Fish River Canyon: This is a trail of 72 kilometers and hiking here is tough.
    • Swartberg Trail: The Swartberg Trail stretches 61 kilometers and you will face difficulty here for sure while hiking.

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