Vancouver Skyline in Canada

International Student Exchange | Top 7 Most Popular Countries

An international exchange program for students is a great
way to see the world, while improving your education and also learning another
language along the way.

Student Exchange, Australia
Student Exchange, Australia

Various high schools and universities offer exchange
programs, generally suited for people who excel in their studies and have an
interested in learning more about language and cultures in other countries. If
you’re looking into the option of spending a semester or two abroad, be sure to
research your chosen country and organization through which you will be doing
your exchange.

Many educational institutes and travel agents can provide great
insight into the various benefits for each overseas country, along with further
information about your chosen exchange programs. If you’re planning an
educational overseas adventure, be sure to check out these popular countries
for international student exchange.


Canada is a great option for students who are concerned
about a language barrier. While the prominent spoken language in Canada is
English, there are various other languages that are also spoken throughout the
country, mainly in part to its close relationship with Europe. The countryside
of Canada is a nature lover’s dream come true, offering travellers some of the
most breathtaking scenic scapes in the world.

Vancouver Skyline in Canada
Vancouver Skyline in Canada


Europe has always been a popular destination for exchange
students, as it offers such a vast variety of cultures and languages. Most
exchange programs are located within the central or western regions of the
country, providing students with the chance to immerse themselves in the rich
history of Germany.

Berlin Skyline in Germany
Berlin Skyline in Germany


If you’re searching for something that offers a little more
adventure, why not head to breathtaking South America for your exchange
program. Argentina provides a challenging environment for exchange students,
with many areas of the country only speaking broken English or no English at
all. Much of the Argentinian population is of European descent, offering
students a welcoming, educational experience.

Buenos Aires Skyline in Argentina
Buenos Aires Skyline in Argentina


As with Canada, the USA provides an unbeatable option for
students who are wishing to focus on their studies and evolving their
education, while not be inhibited by a language barrier. The USA is a great
starting point for many exchange students, as its multicultural society offers
students the chance to interact with and learn from people from various

Washington Skyline in USA
Washington Skyline in USA


For those wishing to embrace the rich culture and history of
Europe, you will fall in love with an exchange program to Italy. Many exchange
programs in the country are situated within the vicinity of Rome and provide
the perfect home base for exploring historical structures such as the Colosseum
and the Vatican City. Cheap student flights to Rome can be found with ease,
particularly when travelling on an exchange program.

Rome Skyline in Italy
Rome Skyline in Italy

United Kingdom

The UK is the perfect choice for students who want a taste
of Europe, without being thrown in the deep end. On the door step of several of
the most historical rich countries and also providing insight into the history
of Australia, an exchange program to the UK offers students the chance to
attend some of the finest educational facilities in the world.

London Skyline in United Kingdom
London Skyline in United Kingdom


Known for being the country of love, passion, sophistication
and culture, an exchange program can offer students a whole new world of
experiences. Whether you choose to visit the Eifel Tower in your down time or
visit the breathtaking Louvre, an international exchange to France will be the
experience of a lifetime.

Paris Skyline in France
Paris Skyline in France

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