iPod Touch: best travel gadget ever?

The iPod has become ubiquitous on the backpackers’ circuit these past few years and none other than yours truly kept waiting for the day that Apple would truly put the internet in my pocket backpack.

Then along came the iPod Touch, with its built-in wifi and internet browser. Apple fanboys cheered. The rest of us still found it cost a lot of hard earned travel money for a device that, though claiming full internet capability, could not be used to make VoIP calls using services like Skype.

For many travelers, the VoIP issue became the missing link in what could very well have been the perfect travelers’ gadget. Not to mention that it cannot be used as regular hard drive to backup photos like its older, less sophisticated sibling, the iPod Classic, but that’s a different story.

Someone out there was listening. This week, Apple announced some subtle changes to the iPod Touch, including microphone support as well as offering some new earphones with a built-in mic. Macrumors.com outlines some of the details and it looks like Apple has opened up to the idea of the iPod Touch as a VoIP device. Cultofmac.com confirms this new feature in an article posted today. Travelers rejoice! It looks like making easy and cheap phone calls will soon be just a Touch away.

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