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Issues using email to notify of flight time changes

This issue has appeared in my email inbox a few times this month so I thought it was worthy of a rant. An airline changes the flight time and notifies the passenger via email. This is the only method of communication, no letter is sent or telephone call made to inform them that their flight time has changed.


Issues using email to notify of flight time changes

Flight time changes

The passenger appears at the airport expecting to depart on the time on their tickets, to find that the flight has left some hours earlier and the holiday that they have spent all year saving for is ruined. Or the airline expects the passenger to rebook another flight and pay for the tickets again.

Unreliable method of communication

Email is one of the most unreliable forms of communication, yet for airlines it is the cheapest, but I think that the airline should make all effort to communicate with the passengers when their flight time has changed.

Customer should receive refund

I am all for companies using email to communicate with customers but, surely the passenger is not at fault if they do not receive the email and a full refund should be given. Is this yet another cost cutting exercise by the airlines?

Check with the airline before travelling

Personally, I think the airline involved in this complaint could have been done more to communicate with their passenger, but, a lesson to learn here is make sure you check the times of the flight the day before and on the day you fly.

What do you think? Is email a trusted form of communication?

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