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Ivory Coast travelogue

The Republic of Ivory Coast lies in the western part of Africa. Highland peaks are a part of the geography, but mostly covered by vast plateau sloping towards the Atlantic. Major four rivers run from north to south of this land adding to its scenic beauty with waterfalls and wildlife. Travel Ivory Coast, it has rich culture due to the various tribes like Lobi, Dan, Senoufo and Baoule residing in these lands for centuries.

Yamussoukaro is the capital of this is home to Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix is a Cathedral sanctified by Pope John Paul ΙΙ. It is similar to St Peter’s in Rome; it has exquisite artwork of stained glass and marvelous design. Visit to lively markets, Mosque and grand Palace of the president will be a wonderful discovering experience. You can go shopping for excellent cloth and fabrics apart from the handcrafted statuettes, masks, pottery and ornaments. Shimmering skyscrapers of Abidjan will leave you astounding.


The rainforests of Parc National de Tai is an interesting site to see natural attractions of West Africa. Comoe national park can bring you close to lions, waterbucks, hippos and other animals. Beaches along the Atlantic coast make you just want to take a break, lie on the sand and listen to the gushing waves or dive in the waters for fun. You can go fishing for sole, carp, barracuda and mullet on the rivers and coast.

It has star rated hotels with all latest amenities to give you full comfort as you stay and travel Ivory Coast. Restaurants serving French, Lebanese, Caribbean, Italian and Vietnamese food are popular. Spicy African food can be enjoyed in Treichville district, but you can taste Kedjenou a Chicken dish, N’voufou and Attieke are regional specialties to relish along with local palm wine. Lagoon side resorts and lively hotels provide a wonderful night life apart from the nightclubs, theatres and casinos.
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