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Live The Real Western Life In Western United States

Live the real life of the West in the exotic Western United States. From the star studded cities of Los Angeles to the grooving night life of Las Vegas, enjoy every bit of lavishness and natural beauty together in the sensuous cities of the Western United States. Plan a visit to the beautiful national parks and the Grand Canyon to experience picturesque natural beauty. Comprising of huge states like Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State and many more, touring this huge hemisphere in a week’s time is simply not enough. However, if you wish to visit some of the major attractions, make sure you add the following destinations to your list.


California is a must visit state in the Western United States. It is home to Hollywood and a wide number of National parks, lakes and Disneyland. Make sure you visit the Yosemite National Park, Redwoods National Park and the Death Valley to experience biodiversity at its peak. The Yosemite National Park has nearly 4 million visitors all through the year visiting its waterfalls, forests, meadows and cliffs. You can also enjoy the California Wine tour if you are a wine lover. Amongst its cities, make sure you visit San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and the beautiful Lake Tahoe.


Experience true paradise in the beautiful Hawaii! Known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, cruises and the coral-reefs, Hawaii is one place you should visit if you want to experience a simple laid back life full of peace and soothing music. It is a flawless destination with multicultural society and enchanting beauty. Hawaii has nearly 7 million visitors visiting every year. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, make sure you visit Honolulu, Oahu’s Waiki and West Maui.

Las Vegas

A dream city, Las Vegas is one destination every tourist has in their must visit list. People visit it to get lucky, enjoy the casinos and the night life. It is one destination where you can party all night in the exotic ancient Roman style casinos or have a dinner in the beautiful Paris style restaurants. It is the most loved destination of people for their wild bachelorette parties. Apart from its rich casinos, hotels and restaurants, you can also visit the Hoover Dam and enjoy the world class shows and musical events in the theaters.


Home to some of the most beautiful national parks and the Grand Canyon, touring the southwest can be fun if you plan it properly. When you plan a trip to Southwest, you should visit the beautiful Grand Canyon, the amazing Monument Valley, Santa Fe in New Mexico, Bryce and Zion National Parks, Rocky Mountain National Parks and the Land of Red Rocks. These are the major attractions that also attract a lot of tourists from all around the world.
So, when you plan a trip to the Western United States make a sure you visit these major states and experience the real life of the west.

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