Luxury Hotels Beijing

Luxury Hotels Beijing – Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski Beijing

Welcome to my Luxury Hotels Beijing “Choice of the Year”! As a foreigner who travels often in Asia, I have to say that Beijing boasts many good hotels.

I will be lying if I tell you I have stayed in all the top hotels here. Thus, I have taken the liberty to seek the views of some of my more well-heeled friends to give me their personal choice for best luxury hotels in Beijing just to be sure that I am giving you a more well-balanced recommendation.

Luxury Hotels Beijing
Luxury Hotels Beijing

It is not easy to choose your favorite luxury hotels Beijing has many top-notched hotels that are listed in a World’s Best Hotel by many magazines. Some fine dining hotels in Beijing are even at par with classy restaurants like papillon restaurant and other world class dining places.

Without a doubt, my personal favorite (and my wife too!) is Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski Beijing. This is not your ordinary 5 star hotel. It is an 8 square kilometer development of contemporary architecture designed by top Asian architects and each villa comes with your personal butlers (if you can book early for it).

Need I say more? Personal butler!

Trust me that you will make your spouse really happy if you can successfully book a villa during Valentine’s Day.

I did! I presented my wife with a bouquet of roses (delivered by my butler, of course!), sipping champagne and enjoying the view of the Great Wall.

It is no wonder that my wife still raves about our Valentine’s Day villa to her friends and partly why she is still with me till today! (sic!)

Personal butler
Personal butler

Needless to say, Commune by the Great Wall Kempinsky is probably one of the best hotel/villa/romantic getaways in China. If you want to spend a relaxing, romantic moment near Beijing, there is no better place but here.

Well, be forewarned! This is not for the faint-hearted when it comes to settling your bills(the rate starts from US$850 per night!). So, please bring along your credit card and the right pills for any impending heart attacks.

Commune by the Great Wall Kempinsky

The Great Wall

Add: Exit No. 16 at Shuiguan Badaling Highway, 102102, Beijing

Tel: +86 10 8118 1888

Fax: +86 10 8118 1866


Great Wall Kempinsky
Great Wall Kempinsky

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