Moped culture

(Bermuda) It’s only been a couple of days, but I feel strangely Bermudian. I haven’t adopted the dress or anything (it still intrigues me, looks a tad funny), but this island is so village-like that running around it on a moped almost buys ownership.

Many non-Bermudians seem to have adopted the island, and the moped is something of a tradition for them that buys into this ownership. Oh you’re on a moped, they say, you’re almost Bermudian now. After all, even if you do want a car it’s only one per family, and so it becomes their mode of transport.

Bankers and insurance brokers zip back and forth to work on these roads that for the most part have no sidewalks. So you feel as free as a bird wandering the island that is rich in tropical vegetation, beautiful vistas. When it is sunny, it’s like a picture post-card. When windy like today, the seas are fierce and the landscape dramatic. I got drenched today. The island being only 21 square miles, it doesn’t take long to get to know the place. So I’ve been feeling like Lawrence of Arabia here, immersing myself in this tropical desert. Conquering the island. Today, for instance, I went pretty much from Hamilton to the western tip of Bermuda. Tomorrow, it’s off to the other end, St George.

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