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Name and shame your worst travel gadgets

There’s no doubt that technology is always changing and I admit that I couldn’t travel without my iPhone nowadays, mainly for its HD video and apps like Instagram which makes sharing photos much more fun.


Name and shame your worst travel gadgets

Leaking underwater camera

That said, I have, over the years purchased quite a few useless travel gadgets, including an underwater camera at a shop in Port Douglas, to use while snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, which wasn’t very waterproof. It leaked, and the photos were ruined.

First generation Kindle was useless

In 2009 I went on holiday to Turkey, and borrowed my brothers Kindle and I regretted not packing a few books in my luggage. It was the first generation Kindle, but I was laid on the beach and couldn’t see the screen because of the sun, sand was getting everywhere, and it was useless.

iPad not built for the beach

I liked the idea of buying an iPad but, in my opinion these types of gadgets aren’t really meant for the beach, or relaxing next to the hotel swimming pool. I would hate to think how much money I have wasted on gadgets over the years.

What has been the worst gadget that you have purchased for your holiday or travels?

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