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Top 5 North American countries you must visit

Planning a trip to the North American countries? Make sure you select the best tourist attractions and get the best holiday deals for a mesmerizing time in this majestic continent.

One of the biggest continents in the world, North America is blessed by Mother Nature with an immense variation of natural beauty. You will find the best beaches, national parks, snowy mountains and more to enjoy an exotic holiday with your loved ones. Here are a few must visit countries in the continent and their tourist attractions that will make your vacation splendid.

  • Bermuda

The beauty of Bermuda is speechless. The beautiful sea and soft pink sand are enough to lure surfers and vacationers to its shores. The island is the perfect getaway for people who wish to find some peace from the hush noise of the cities.

You can enjoy sun basking on the beaches or simply drive to the seaside capital, Hamilton and dance all night in the best clubs. The island is beautifully surrounded by coral reef which is home to some of the most colorful fishes and deep sea creatures. You can dive and explore the old shipwrecks, go kayaking, yachting, hiking or simply enjoy body spa and massages at your 5-star resorts and hotels.

Make sure you visit Cristobal Colon for wreck diving, Horseshow bay, Bermuda shore excursion and eco-tour during your trip to the beautiful North American Island.



  • Canada

The beautiful snow dipped mountains, seascapes, rainforests and exceptional wild life parks invite you to Canada, the 2nd largest country in the world.

No matter when you plan your vacation to Canada, summer or winter, you can enjoy grand adventure trips throughout the year. Right form snowboarding on the Whistler’s mountain, surfing on the Nova Scotia’s, hiking on the Newfoundland’s Appalachian, kayaking in the northwestern territories, ice skating on the Ottawa’s Rideau Canal or swimming on the shores of the Prince Edward’s Islands, you can do all that you wish in this beautiful country. Plan your trip carefully so you also get to enjoy their festivals such as the January Okanagan’s ice-wine festival, Winter carnival, and more.



  • United States

America, known for its diversity in culture and nature, is a must visit country not just for its beautiful tourist attractions, but also for people who love food.

The country has people belonging to different religions and countries in it which contribute to its diverse culture. Moreover, the natural beauty also attracts a lot of tourists to the country. For instance, you can plan a trip to the Grand Canyon mountain Rails, the Statue of Liberty, Yellow stone National Park, NAPA Valley, Las Vegas, and many more. Visiting all the attractions in the United States in a single visit is nearly impossible. Every state in the country offers you its own range of attraction. However, states like Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Hawaii and Washington DC, Columbia are a must.

Apart from these famous places, you can also visit Mexico and its beautiful attractions such as Riviera Maya (Cancun), Los Cabos (Baja peninsula). So, plan your next trip to the vast continent of North America and its sensuous tourist attractions.

United States

United States

United States of America