On the road… with a cultural navigator

(Montreal) I am a cultural navigator. The wealth that I acquire lies in collecting memories of the people and places of the globe. The journey that I have traveled has taken me from the depths of Angola, to islands of paradise like the Galapagos Islands; from incredible India to dancing with locals at the Abuja Carnival in Nigeria; the streets of the Hungarian capital of Budapest, to the tropical land of one-time head-hunters of Borneo, Malaysia.

I have visited almost sixty countries of the globe and becoming a cultural navigator has lead me to paths less travelled, moments of exhilaration, fear, wonder, pangs of loneliness and of reflection. At the best of times I feel like the luckiest person on the globe.

So with this, let’s share some of these adventures, and I will take you with me in my bags. You are my friends, and people that I may and hope to one day meet on the long road. In the coming months we will walk on the boardwalk of Shanghai, bicycle on the island of Bermuda, and visit the breathtaking Pyramids of Egypt and experience a festival under the stars in Australia. We will seek out archaeological relics in Belize and climb to the grand canyons of Kazakhstan and discover the Sub-Saharan African nation of Angola. This is cultural navigation.

We will meet artists and artisans, peasants and princes. We will live in five star hotels or tents under the stars. We will meet people and experience places, and adapt to the worlds that people live in wherever we go. During the voyage you can check out my travel schedule which is posted on the right bar of www.ontheglobe.com.

I write these words as I pack my bags – lightly of course, on my way halfway around the world on my first trip to China from my home-base in Montreal. Thank you for joining me on the journey. Let’s navigate.

Today’s plans: This is a travel day. I am flying from Montreal to Vancouver, via Toronto with Air Canada.

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