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Passenger boards on wrong flight: How can this happen?

How did the airline passenger with a ticket for Dublin board a flight to Berlin? There’s no punch line I’m afraid; especially not for the confused and embarrassed passenger who was moments away from taking an impromptu flight to the German capital earlier last month.


Passenger boards on wrong flight: How can this happen?

Concerned passengers and cabin crew

It was a half empty lunchtime flight. The overhead lockers were closed, seat belts buckled and in-flight magazines open, when a member of the budget airline’s cabin crew announced.

Please can the passenger who is flying to Dublin make themselves known? I repeat, can the passenger with a ticket for Dublin make themselves known. This flight is for Berlin.

Cue concerned and bemused expressions on the faces of everyone around me, including the crew member who helped the red-faced misplaced passenger retrieve their hand luggage and disembark the plane.

Boarding gate staff should prevent mistakes and security risks

The question on everyone’s lips was how someone could get through the Berlin flight gate and onto the plane with a boarding pass for a completely different destination and flight number.

It’s easy to imagine joining the wrong queue at the UK airport in question, where the flight gates lead off open-plan, collective departure lounges. But isn’t it reasonable to expect airline staff on the boarding gate to be passengers’ last line of defence against this kind of mistake and, more seriously, against deliberate violations of airport security?

Do reports of mistakes involving budget airlines make you more reluctant to fly with them, or to worry more when you do?

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