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Passenger taken off flight for being too tall

When I read this story it was on 1st April, I was not sure if it was yet another April fool’s joke, but no, it is true, a 6ft 9” passenger was kicked off a Horizon Air flight because he was too tall to fit in his seat. It does seem rather harsh but who is at fault, the airline or passenger.


Passenger taken off flight for being too tall

Airplanes not built for 21st century passengers

We’ve already had the debate on Travel Rants about obese air passengers, and that discussion got a little feisty to say the least, now this, and I wonder if airplanes are built for passengers of the 21st century?

Humiliating experience for passenger

I have to ask why he was checked in, and then was allowed to board the flight if he was too tall to fit into a seat. It would have been less humiliating for the passenger if the airline were to realise that there was going to be a problem beforehand.

Booking flights with special requirements

Some comments that I have read online, suggested that the passenger should have made the airline aware of his height, but when browsing around the airline’s website this morning I could not find a way for passengers to make them aware of any special requirements.

Your thoughts on this travel issue

What do you think, are airplanes set out for the 21st century traveller, or, are the airlines trying to fit as many seats as they can into the planes so that they can make more money on each flight?

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