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Please! No more flight comparison sites

Last night I read a post on Tnooz about the lack of consumer information on airline extra fees online. I have written about this before, and that I feel comparison sites should truly compare flights, like-for-like, but many compare the flat-base flight price, not including taxes and extras.


Please! No more flight comparison sites

Sites must be consumer friendly

I read about Hipmunk (a stupid name!) and I class myself as internet savvy, yet, I found it initially confusing and I wonder if less savvy consumers will be able to use it. I asked them that question on Twitter, but no one has responded yet.

Too many flight comparison sites

This brings me on to my actual rant. Does anyone else think that there are too many flight comparison sites? I have always used Kayak, and will continue to do so, because I cannot see anything that is going to make my life easier when searching for flights.

It seems that the current travel trend is to think of a stupid name, and create a flight comparison site. What is worse is that Google has entered this market, so will we see even more startups appearing in the hope of a buy-out by the giants in search? I seriously hope not.

Anyway, what do think, are there too many flight comparison sites.

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