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Popular holiday complaints revealed

You often read PR-led surveys in the national media which highlight popular holiday complaints but I wanted to find out what the real common complaints were amongst my readers, so, since April 2011 I have been logging details of the complaints received in my inbox from consumers.


Popular holiday complaints revealed

I have received 486 holiday complaints in my inbox between April – August 2011.

Let me break this down a little. These complaints were due to:

17% – lack of assistance from airline when flight delayed/cancelled.
13% – lack of assistance with lost baggage.
12% – inaccurate information provided by travel agency.
10% – inaccurate travel insurance advice.
9% – lack of help when ill abroad.
9% – parking at airports, both pick-up and long stay.
8% – changes to accommodation on arrival at resort
8% – issues with airport transfer, i.e. coach not arriving etc.
4% – issues with booking holiday online.
2% – issues around banking charges abroad.

The remaining complaints were difficult to group.

Airlines and airports have the most complaints

Looking at this information I could then see that 39% of the complaints were due to issues within the airport or with the airline. 63% of the complaints were relating to poor customer service. From September I plan to log information like the companies and airports involved so that I can provide more in-depth information.

Have you had the need to complain about your holiday this year? Any surprises in my stats? Are they stats I should try and catch for next time? As usual let me know in the comments section.

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