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Rain in abundance

The forecast said rain all day long. There was no sign of it when I started walking this morning. I asked a guy if he thought there would be rain, and he said yes – but just a small drizzle he had read on the net. That was good news as a small drizzle is not a bad thing to walk in.


There was a thick fog. I passed a lot of small oil pumps. They looked like retired giant robots, their large counterweights spinning silently around in the fog.

At a little over one PM I was happy having covered a good distance, and still no sign of rain. Twenty minutes later, it started raining lightly. I continued, wanting to reach a road crossing before deciding what to do next. Then the drizzle became rain, and by the time I got to the crossing, my clothes were wet through.

I found a small restaurant that served me some yummy hot food, and I took the liberty to take off my wet trousers, wind jacket and shirt. Then I put on my down vest to keep warm. There is a pretty high acceptance to walking around in your pyjamas in China, and I had my long johns on and got no reaction. I asked if there were any guesthouses in the area, and they said there was a nice place three kilometres down the road.

I got a taxi, and in no time I was in a nice WARM room under a duvet after having taken a long shower. It has been raining hard all evening. I’m listening to Michael Palin’s Pacific Adventure on audio book and eating Snickers bars. Couldn’t be much better! Just hoping the rain has passed by by tomorrow morning. It came half a day later than expected, so it may hang around tomorrow morning.

Did you go for seemingly endless walks with your parents when you were young? You got tired and asked in a resigned voice: How far is it till we get there? They answered: ‘Not far honey – just around the next corner’…

Well – that’s where I am now. One rather large corner from the goal of this walk!

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