Remembrance day

11th of november

Today was cold, very windy with a mixture of rain, sleet and snow. I decided to stay where I was. Slept, drank and ate a lot, and then slept some more. Wouldn’t you know, the place I am staying has HBO on TV, so I saw the films Fargo, the Dark Knight and Into the Storm.


The latter one was timely as it is Rememberance Day today. In the UK people commemorate the soldiers who fell during active service in war and wear their red poppies. Into the Storm is a convincing portrayal of Winston Churchill during the war years. What a colourful and eccentric guy he was. Good film.

12th of November

The day started wet and gray. I waited a while to decide what to do. At noon I started walking. The route of the Great Wall has gone close to a large river lately, and today I crossed it for the third and final time. As you can see on the map, I am pretty far away from the Great Wall route, which is necessary to get over the river.

Although it was wet and cold, it was quite comfortable to walk. Not too much wind. Looks like there may be more snow tomorrow morning, but then hopefully some better walking weather.

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