Rent Apartment Beijing

Rent Apartment Beijing – The Checklist for Apartment Renters in Beijing

Rent Apartment Beijing – When you rent an apartment in Beijing or mostly anywhere in China, there are things that you need to look out for.

This will prevent any problems that you may have with your Chinese landlord.

Rent Apartment Beijing
Rent Apartment Beijing

Coupled with cultural and language differences, it’s always good to have a checklist for First-Timer Renters.

So, here’s the Checklist!


How many air-con units and in which rooms? Do they heat as well in winter?

You probably want air-con in all rooms you will spend any amount of time in. However, be prepared to pay for the extra cost and electricity bills.

Hot Water

Gas-powered instant hot water?

Electric hot-water tank?

Hot water is NOT usually available from all the taps in the house, so when you rent apartment Beijing, please ask the landlord before you rent.

Rent Apartment Beijing1
Rent Apartment Beijing1

Cooking Facilities

If you love cooking and would be doing it most of the time, you’ll probably need a gas counter-top hob, a small oven or microwave.

Ask the landlord whether they are included as part of the deal.

Anyway, most houses do not have ovens. You can buy one if you’re so inclined.


Questions that you should ask your potential landlord/s.

– Western toilet?

– Hot water to the sink?

– Water pressure in the shower?

– Does it leak into the flat below?

Don’t take the landlord’s word for the gospel truth.



Please test the bed as most Chinese love hard bed.

If you’re not satisfied, you can ask them to change when you rent apartment in Bejing.

Bedroom in Beijing
Bedroom in Beijing


Try to get your landlord to provide at least a 21 inch color TV and maybe a DVD player.

They are cheap anyway.


If it’s not connected already, make sure that the landlord is responsible to arrange and pay for them.

As for Internet connection, ask whether there is broadband.

If it is connected, test it.


Most apartments have pretty sturdy metal doors and you’ll probably have a security guard safeguarding your place.

If you do not see any of these, rent another place.

Block Surrounding

You should at least make sure that you’re not staying nearby a pig sty by checking:

– Is the rubbish dump well-kept?

– Are the stairs / landings clean?

– Communal lighting is usually sound operated, so stamp your foot and see if it works. Do the lifts work?

– Are there shops or restaurants nearby?

Language Barrier

Try to get a landlord with even a little English as it will prove useful while negotiating. If not, bring someone who can speak Chinese to help you along.

I do hope the checklist given will help you in getting your dream apartment without the hassles!

Bedroom Beijing
Bedroom Beijing

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