school summer holidays Australia

Save Up For a Winter Break in Oz

We Europeans often hit a bit of a mental
block when we start planning a summer holiday. We think about heading somewhere
hot and sunny in southern Europe for one or two weeks during the school summer
holidays and sometimes don’t get any more imaginative than that.

school summer holidays Australia
school summer holidays Australia

For easy holidays Majorca or Ibiza may be
great fun, but being in those kinds of destinations in the height of summer can
sometimes leave you feeling tetchy and irritated that you have to share the
sunshine and crowded beaches with so many other holiday makers.


There’s more common sense in spending the
school summer holiday at home, making the most of the best weather the UK will
have all year. Save your holiday budget instead for a winter holiday to
Australia, where you will really reap the benefits of a blast of sunshine right
in the midst of winter. The only thing that you’ll have to bear in mind is the
long travel time and to allow for catching up on jet lag. In fact, if you’re
going to go all the way to Australia, it’s better to negotiate a decent amount
of time off from work – at least three weeks – and persuade the children’s
schools into letting them tag an extra week onto the Christmas holidays than
trying to squeeze it all into a fortnight.


Of course, where you choose to visit in
Australia is dependent on who you’re going with and what kind of holidays you
enjoy. You may want to take it easy on the Gold Coast beaches, or visit major
cities like Sydney and Perth. You may want to satisfy a lifelong ambition to
climb Uluru.

Gold Coast beaches
Gold Coast beaches

Just remember the distances in Australia
are vast when you’re used to living and holidaying in Europe, so don’t be too
ambitious with the ground you want to cover. Otherwise there’s a danger of
spending too much time travelling from one place to another and not enough time
soaking up the atmosphere of being in Australia.

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