South Lake Tahoe California

South Lake Tahoe California USA Vacation Rentals

No matter what time of year you are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, you can count on enjoying the great outdoors and having a fabulous time.

Winter is obviously all about the skiing and snowboarding, but in summer there is no shortage of hiking or biking trails to try. And by far the best way to truly enjoy all the area has to offer while at the same time really relaxing is to book a Lake Tahoe vacation rental for your stay.

South Lake Tahoe California
South Lake Tahoe California

Just think about it – you would not want to lie around your hotel room all day, even if you did have a fire place and a good book. It would just be too confining. But in any one of these lovely Lake Tahoe vacation rentals you not only have access to the same kind of bedroom you would have in a hotel room but also to cozy and inviting living rooms or dens and your own kitchen areas, too. The whole setting is really conducive to kicking back and feeling like you are on vacation.

Of course, some people think that hotels are always going to be the cheaper option, but that is not always the case. With many of these Tahoe vacation rentals you could actually save money over staying in a hotel. How? Well, if you are traveling with a big group – either with friends or family – splitting the cost of the vacation home can reduce the cost for everyone to a really reasonable amount. Plus, by cooking some of your own meals in your private kitchen you can often save quite a bit over always eating expensive meals out.

But let us return to the best reason for opting for something like a South Lake Tahoe vacation rental – it is by far the best way to get you into the vacation spirit. Go ahead and stay in your PJs all day long, housekeeping is not going to disturb you. Go ahead and make yourself a banana and peanut butter sandwich at midnight, the “restaurant” in your vacation home never closes. Just go ahead and enjoy.

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