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Strond cold wind from North

No rain this morning, and although I thought there would be a lot less dust, I was wrong. I have chunks of dust in both eyes, and am patiently trying to dislodge it without losing my contact lenses.


It was very windy from the word go, and it felt like I spent as much energy making sure I walked in a fairly straight line as walking forwards. Twice, and this is funny to write, but it did happen, the wind blew so hard that I was stopped by sudden gusts of wind so that I stood still with one foot in the air. Must have been a funny sight.

My comfort for the day was that in only a few days time, I swing back to a southward direction. From then on, any cold wind from the North will be blowing me in the right direction!

Have found out that Snickers Bars are becoming more popular in China now, and have been feeding on them as small energy meals. When I have none left, I visit about 4-6 shops before finding a place that sells them, and I can stock up. Have had two warm meals, and quite a few bananas today – and the Snickers Bars.

43 kilometres today (The point for today was registered before I was finished walking. I do this now and again to save some time)

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