Take care when booking flight tickets online

This post is written by Gourmet Chick who blogs about travel and food at but today she felt the need to rant. With the Ashes just finished lots of travellers will have recently made the trip from the UK to Australia. On my recent holiday to Australia I had to give a big thumbs down for a misleading website and bad customer service to Britain and Australia’s national carriers.


Take care when booking flight tickets online

Flight booked online

I purchased a flight from London to Melbourne with a three hour stop over in Bangkok which was a code share between the two carriers. I was shocked to discover just before my flight departed that the Bangkok to Melbourne would be operated by a budget airline which was the equivalent of Ryanair or Easyjet in Asia.

Check the flight information before booking

I had no idea this was the case when booking the flight as the only indication had been a small asterisk next to that leg of the journey which lead down to a footnote explaining that the flight would be operated by the budget carrier. When I called the customer service office with the obligatory half an hour on hold I was told nothing could be done and the flight could only be changed by rebooking at a £300 fee.

This was the increase in the flight price from when I had initially booked it. I was told there was no further avenue of complaint besides an email and when I then requested the number of the media office I was told: ”You should be able to find it yourself”. The return ticket cost £1,000 which is not a cheap ticket as you can get flights from £800 return to Australia however I wanted the superior service and air miles that these carriers offered.

Uncomfortable flight with budget airline

Instead I ended up on a 9 hour flight on a cramped budget carrier with the only difference between my fare and everyone else who had paid the equivalent of about £200 for their ticket by booking it direct through the budget airline being not having to pay for the awful airline food or the headsets. I did write a formal email of complaint and nothing came of it so felt compelled to turn to Travel Rants to vent.

Take care when booking tickets online

The moral of the story is to be very careful when booking tickets online and make sure you read all the asterisks and footnotes on your online booking, and don’t even bother calling customer service as it will just be a waste of your time.

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