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Technology is killing off the travel magazine

I used to purchase a travel magazine when I knew I would be sat in an airport departure lounge for a while, but nowadays I use my iPhone to read content online. The other day I went to the local newsagent and browsed through a few travel magazines and I was shocked at the price.


Technology is killing off the travel magazine

Travel magazines are expensive

Prices ranged from £3 – £6 and I realise magazine publishers have to make money but it felt like every other page was an advertisement. I do not think that travel magazines offer good value for money when you can read content free online.

Technology will kill off the magazine

I believe that technology will eventually kill off magazines, just like it is the newspaper. Since buying an iPhone I can see how powerful mobile has become, and with the iPad and other tablet PC’s, publishers are going to have to change with the times.

According to analysis by Forrester, we spend an average of 12 hours per week on the internet, and as mobile phones like Android, Blackberry and iPhone become easier to browse the internet, the amount of time people spend online will increase. Think about this, how many people did you see reading a magazine on the way to work today?

Tough times ahead for travel magazines

I could not find an official figure, but, one site announced that 18 travel magazines had ceased publishing in 2008-09 and that includes National Geographic Adventure and Travel & Leisure Golf magazines.

The younger generation now spend more time on social networks like Facebook than they do watching the television or reading. So, I see a very tough future for the travel magazine. What do you think? When was the last time you bought a travel magazine?

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