Airport Security

The future of airport security

There has been a lot of talk this week in the media about airport security and I would be glad to see the end of ridiculous rules like having to remove your shoes, the limit on liquids, and forcing you to arrive at the airport two or three hours prior to departure.

Airport Security
Airport Security

The future of airport security

Frustrating air travel experience

Airport security lengthens the journey time to the point where air travel is tiresome because you spend most of the time in the airport either queuing or sat waiting for your gate to be announced.

Trains are just as open to a terrorist attack

Why is it that we have to go through the monotonous process of airport security? We do not have to remove our shoes and put our luggage through scanners when travelling by train, yet, they are just as open to a terrorist attack.

Passengers should not let their guard down

I do not agree with Martin Broughton, chairman of British Airways, who caused a stir by saying that many airport security checks were “completely redundant”. I think it is important that air passengers do not let down their guard when travelling and techniques such as passenger profiling should continue.

Train travel is booming

Would it not be great if air travel were as simple as hopping on and off a plane as easy as hopping on and off a train? I think train travel is going through a boom as routes become more accessible from the UK to mainland Europe.

Future of airport security

As I mentioned earlier in the post, having to remove my shoes, the limit on liquids in hand luggage are the two rules I would change now, but what do you think is the future of airport security, could it be as simple as hopping on and off a plane. What annoys you the most about air travel?

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