The grand seaweed of Sooke

(Seattle) Yesterday I experienced one of the distinct advantages of being on the road: the fun you have in meeting quirky people that there is no way you would come across haphazardly. Hence, this is the story of meeting my new-found seaweed lady!

After a short respite from road less traveled, yesterday I shot off from the home-base in Montreal to Seattle, on my way to see Boeing’s Dreamliner, the 787. There was nothing exciting about the journey getting here except for my great find yesterday; meeting my key to the secrets of the chunkiest seaweed on the west coast.

My great discovery was meeting Amanda, a marine biologist from Sooke – not far from Victoria, the sun-filed island on Canada’s most western coast. And Sooke must be the place in the world that has the greatest concentration of seaweed experts, sellers and watchers in the world.

A sprightly Amanda had jet-black hair that was tightly packed into her hat that sprung out in Jamaican dreadlocks as she took them out. Not only is Amanda a seaweed specialist, harvesting the largest seaweed in the world by hand and giving seaweed tours to visitors, she’s also in a rock-band. She is my kind of gal.

And it’s going to come in various forms. You can eat the seaweed; you can bathe in it and harvest it from the sea, I find out. It didn’t take long for me to make an appointment with Amanda and her seaweed buddies to uncover the mysteries of seaweed farming for myself…

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