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How to Spend Quality Time In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Its rich history, brick buildings, easy going attitude, and open skyline are few of the things that always attract tourists. Here is a list of things to do in Amsterdam.


Free Walking tour

An easy and great way to explore the city is having a walking tour. With a walking tour you will learn some history and see those beautiful winding canals even if you won’t get a chance to see Amsterdam nightlife.

amsterdam-walking tour

Canal Tour

Amsterdam is located around the canals and the river, Amstel. Watching the city from a boat is always a great idea, but it is a must-do activity if you are in Amsterdam.


Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Although, it is not a big museum, but still you can spend hours while looking at the beautiful paintings of Van Gogh and some other artists.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Rijks museum

It is located near the Van Gogh and its interior and exterior is beyond your imagination, since the government has spent years to renovate it.


Anne Frank House

A place worth visiting, but if you can stand in a line for hours to purchase the tickets. Whenever, I went to Anne Frank House, I saw a huge waiting line. Anyways, it is a good visiting place.

If you like this place, don’t forget to find sometime to Visit the luxurious Bali Vila.


The Jordaan area

A peaceful place! Normally, tourists miss this spot and that’s why it is always quiet and peaceful to sit there. If you decide to go there, don’t forget to eat at Winkel 43 (apple pie) and Moeders (traditional Dutch food).


Vondel park

It is the most popular and largest park of Amsterdam. Vondelpark is a perfect place to relax, walk, people-watch, bike and lot more activities.

There are some places to play sport where you might want to have a try or two. This place is too much crowded during the summer as locals rush out of their houses to have some fun. It is also a perfect place to watch locals and their activities.


Amsterdam History Museum

As you can expect from the name, this place features the history of the city. Spend at least 3 to 4 hours and you will enjoy for sure. It is one of my favorite museums in the world.

amsterdam museum

Amsterdam Red Light District

Being a serious tourist attraction, the Red Light District managed to balance seediness and sex. At night, you will see a lot of drunken guys roaming in the street looking at the ladies standing in the windows.

This is one of the must visit places of Amsterdam, if you can stay comfortable there.



It is located near the city center and takes around 30 minutes of walk. I recommend walk because it takes you through the residential areas that are not often included in tourist guides. You’d really want to see these areas if you want to get an idea about life in the city.

amsterdam oosterpark

It is a very quiet and peaceful place that takes you into a whole new world of thoughts. I recommend you go through this place even if you have a long list of other things to do in the city.


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