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Things to do in Sydney in 2016

Sydney is a great place to visit. There are numerous attractions and places to visit that you’d need to take a guided tour. But if you like to explore at your own, here are best things to do in Sydney in 2016.


Before I tell you about things to do in Sydney, let me tell you a little story about how I explored this beautiful city. 

How did I make my list?

When I visited Sydney for the first time, I spend most of my time reading books, watching the beautiful Opera House and sitting in botanical gardens.

I was studying at that time and didn’t have much time to visit the places so I knew I had to come back to this beautiful city.

I planned a complete tour of Sydney when I got free from my studies and made a list of my favorite places. Here, I would like to share some of my favorite to-dos in Sydney.

These are things that I wanted to do when I visited Sydney for the first time but could never find time. I’m sure it would be of great help if you ever visit this beautiful city. Here is the list of things to do in Sydney.

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Royal Botanic Gardens is the first vegetable garden of Australia where you can see a collection of flowers, ferns, and trees.

When you go there, don’t forget to sit on the Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair; it provides you a great view of harbor that you will remember for too long.

Fun at the Beach

things to do in sydney

Sydney is well-known for its beaches and there is no second opinion that everyone who visit Australia must have a go there. The city has a strong beach culture because it weather remains sunny and warm all over the year.

No matter where you stay, Sydney has a beach for everyone. In the North, you can visit Palm Beach and Manly Beach, while being at South; you can visit the Coogee and Bondi beaches. Beaches are a major Australia point of interest.

The Rocks Exploration in Sydney

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In the oldest part of Sydney, you have a chance to explore the rocks. You will find sandstone churches, narrow lanes, fine colonial buildings, oldest pubs of Australia and lot more there.

The Rocks’ art museums, delicious foods, street entertainment, a beautiful view of Opera House and harbor, weekend markets, make it a perfect visiting place.

Visit Manly Beach via Ferry


The ferry ride to Manly provides you some eye-catching views of the world-famous Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is a thirty minute ride but, you will remember this forever.

Manly is famous for kick-ass nightlife, giant waves, wide beaches and surfing. Be sure you check Sydney news before you head to the beach to find out about weather.

Opera House Sydney

places to visit in sydney-opera house

Similar to Harbor Bridge, Opera House is very famous all over the planet because of its white roof. If you take a guided tour, they will explain you how tough and challenging it was to design this masterpiece.

Amazingly, the tickets for show at Opera House are very affordable, so don’t miss it.

Blue Mountains Tour

blue mountains

Visiting Blue Mountains will take you into a whole new world where you will some amazing views. One of the activities at Blue Mountains is hiking that gives terrific views of the valley, forests and tumbling waterfalls.

You can visit Blue Mountains via train, which takes around 90 minutes and the park is free to visit.

Taste Wine in the Hunter Valley

taste wine hunter valley sydney

Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s premier wine regions. At Hunter Valley, you can explore a lot of wineries. If you a little interest in wine, then it is a must visit place for you.


Wait! Try to stay at least one night there to get the complete experience.

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