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It’s getting to the point now, where I have to portion out my energy for the remainder of the walk. Some days it feels like I can walk hard endlessly, but other days my body kindly asks me to slow down a little. Today was such a day, with 10 km less than I had hoped for. Not far to go now, but I don’t want to walk ‘crazy’ distances until I’m a little closer to Dandong.


Lately I have felt a tingling in my right achilles tendon. Not much, but it has been there for many days. If this is the start of an injury, and it is developing slowly, it could take a long time to heal, so I don’t want to overdo things, too much, too soon…

Forgot my walking sticks at the guesthouse this morning, and walked the whole day without them. It felt very strange after having walked more then 5000 kilometres with them. I hardly knew what to do with my hands! Although the speed only dropped slightly, I really felt awkward as if I had less control over my stride. I retrieved the walking sticks yesterday evening.

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