Top 5 Attractions in Warsaw

Top 5 Attractions in Warsaw

The city of Warsaw might seem to be a bizarre mix of boring and gloomy office buildings and apartments, but there’s another side to the capital of Poland that always attracts the backpackers.

Top 5 Attractions in Warsaw

Though there are a number of attractions that keep calling people from around the globe, here’s the list of top 5 attractions in Warsaw.

  1. The Old Town

Whether you are visiting Warsaw for the first time or for the hundredth time, this place is a must-see on your each visit. Out of all the old towns in Europe, the old town of Warsaw is the newest.


The old town was rebuilt after WWII. It is said to be built from rubber. The place has its own charm. The calm and serene cobbled streets will lead you to a new world. Through the streets and alleyways, squares and courtyards, gardens and statues, you will find the unexplored sights that will soothe your eyes.

  1. The Royal Route

The route got its name due to The Royal Castle at its one end and the suburban Royal residence of Wilanow at the other end.

Royal Castle of Warsaw1

The elegant route is loaded with history at its every step. The place got the royalty when King Zygmunt III turned this centre of trade of the time to the centre of the Renaissance in the 16th century. He changed the capital from Krakow to Warsaw thus beginning a new legend for the city.

  1. Lazienki Park

You may have seen a great many parks but none can be compared to the Lazienki Park in Warsaw. The park offers tranquillity while you walk around its central route Ujazdowskie Avenue.


This lush green park is a gem and the people of Warsaw are proud of it.


The park is filled with attractions. You can find everything in this park that you can think of to be a part of a modern day park.


The park never fails to refresh your mind and soul such that you keep coming back to it.

  1. Warsaw Rising Museum

The greatest rebellion of its time, offering a struggle and history of one of its kind, the Uprising of 1944 is worth remembering. The Warsaw Rising Museum built in 2004 highlights its significance.


The museum is located in an old tram power station that takes you on an interactive journey from pre-Uprising to the destruction of the city through a 3D aerial film.

Ekspozycja_Akcja_Burza_Muzeum_Powstania_Warszawskiego (1)

Your visit to Warsaw is incomplete unless you visit this place. It will add up to the experience and memory lane every time you visit the museum.


  1. Praga District

The Praga district is known for being home to artists and musicians. Once it was home to the poorest of poor of Warsaw. Today, the district is changing to be one of the most blossoming and creative capitals of Europe.


The nightlife in Praga is worth witnessing. The cafes, restaurants, clubs and galleries shine their brightest at night.


You cannot resist the charm of the city with all its attractions. The city spellbound the tourists. One cannot escape from its magic.


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