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Travel companies desperate for social media attention

There is a smell of desperation on social media networks with so many travel companies trying to get their social media campaigns viral and competitions pimped by bloggers. I wonder if the time and money could be better spent on improving customer support and other travel issues.


Travel companies desperate for social media attention

Queensland tourism campaign was predictable

I partly blame the Queensland tourism board ‘dream job’ campaign because every company, now thinks that it can get the same amount of media coverage. While the initial coverage was fantastic for Queensland, I wonder if it was a truly successful social media campaign.

Like many people, I switched off within a week of Ben starting his dream job.

Return on investment on social media

What followed was predictable. How many companies have you seen creating a competition for someone to win a round the world holiday, or free hotel stays, in the hope that bloggers will write and pimp the competition. I cannot help but think that they surely cannot receive a return on investment.

Stale social media campaigns

Sure, I understand why Lara and Terry took the opportunity of travelling around the world on the Home Away sponsored Grand Tourismo jaunt, but, for me, it has become boring, and I am sorry, but I believe, people are switching off.

Then there is Rolf Potts who is travelling without any bags. Nice guy, but, Zzzz.

No imagination and loads of replication

I have lost count the amount of companies who have emailed, asking me to write about their competition or help promote their social media campaign. I would like to see more companies thinking outside of the box, in social media you cannot replicate what has already been done.

I am happy to read your opinion.

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