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Travel Guide for Corsica

The French Isle of beauty – Corsica is diverse and nearest of all the far away Islands. The weather is always fine. This place is rich in culture, history, and heritage. It is a unique Island on earth.

Travel Guide for Corsica

What to See in Corsica?

Every nook and corner of the Island are worth watching because of the uniqueness it offers. Still, we have gathered the top sights in Corsica below:


  • Bastion de L’Etandard (Bastion of the Standard)

This Mediterranean fortress is a prestigious fortified complex. Built in the 13th century, it is the highest tower in France.


This place uses the age-old system of weights and levers to raise the drawbridge.


Going through the steep steps, you will get the mesmerizing view of white chalk cliffs lining the coast.

Bonifacio cliff and the sand grain

  • Cathedral Notre-Dame de L’Assomption

The Baroque cathedral was built in the 16th century. It is the place where Napoleon was baptized.

Baroque Cathedral

The interior of the church is covered with the historic Trompe-l’oeil paintings.

L'oeil paintings


  • Citadelle

Far away from the sea, this historic site offers superb views from its five bastions. It is situated on a rocky cliff at the tip of the bay.

Citadelle Corsica

The building has the Corsica Museum that depicts the history and ethnography of the island.


  • Dragon Grottoes

The blue Dragon Grottoes is an incredible geological site. Boats from Bonifacio bring you to the breathtaking site all around the year. During July and August, boats set out every 15 minutes.

Blue Water


Where to Eat in Corsica?

Corsica offers a treat for your taste buds with fine food from street carts to dining. Here are the top picks:

  • 20123

The place is known for its traditional cuisine. It is always filled with people. The interior offers a calm and classy environment.


If you are looking for a high-quality expensive dining, then this is the best place in Corsica.

t expensive diner in croatia

  • A Scaletta

This upscale restaurant offers you the beautiful sight of Vieux Port. The place is friendly and offers food made from fresh local ingredients.


  • L’Imperial

With outdoor seating in the centre of Place Saint-Nicolas, this busy restaurant is perfect to have a lunch while you closely watch the people of Corsica.


This restaurant is within the budget of anyone exploring the island. Thin crust pizzas, salads, risotto with shrimp, beef fillet with foie gras and salmon with fresh vegetables are the special items on the restaurant’s menu.


Where to Stay in Corsica?

With the beauty of the place alluring you, one cannot think of leaving the place. You can have clean and nice accommodations in all price ranges. Here are a few hotels that you should consider for staying in Corsica.

  • Calvi Mariana Hotel

Located on the hillside of the Calvi Bay, it will take only your five minutes to reach the place from the centre of the town.

The hotel offers a fitness centre, breakfast lounge, rooftop pool, and spa. The rooms are clean and cosy. It is a great place for individuals and families.

Hotel calvi mariana

  • Casa Musicale

The place has an enchanting effect. The locale offers traditional homemade cuisines. The rooms are simple but have rustic furnishings. Four people can be accommodated at a time in these rooms.

Every year around three million visits this wonderful island. There’s a lot to explore on this miniature continent. Even a week is not enough on the island.

Casa Musicale Hotel

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